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You will learn the basics of getting started on cloud.
Sign up for an account to start using Nextmv Cloud for optimizing routes for a fleet of vehicles. Once you sign up, you will be able to access Nextmv Cloud API and console (graphical user interface) to run a model, check the status of your run, and explore the results of a run.
Decisions are the base unit of work completed with every run in your Nextmv Cloud application. For a routing use case, the number of decisions is equal to the number of stops to be assigned. Note, a request with a pickup and a dropoff would require two stops (and therefore two decisions). Visit your account page on Nextmv Cloud to track your monthly decision usage.
  • Learn how to use the API here.
  • Learn about the features available here.
  • Learn about the available third-party integrations here.
  • Learn about different use cases with tutorials here.
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