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2021 09 16 V 0 9 0 Released

SDK v0.9.0

Introducing the new router engine.

This release introduces the new router engine and updates to the Dispatch app. Version 0.9.0 includes breaking changes that will need to be addressed prior to upgrading. Learn more in the upgrade guide.

New router engine

The router engine wraps around the fleet and vehicle engines to provide a more user-friendly API for building and using routing applications. The new engine simplifies the application code base and streamlines customization like adding constraints. Learn more about the router engine.

Improvements and fixes

  • Upgraded Dispatch apps to use the new router engine
  • Extended the vehicle engine to allow for negative value functions
  • Several bug fixes and improvements to tooling

Breaking changes

  • Fixed MaxRouteLengthFilter to accept multiple measures (one measure per vehicle).
  • Fixed concurrent access to the randomizer used in fleet vehicle operators. Operators will now receive a random instance (rand.Rand).
  • Renamed model.Domain to model.Repeat.

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