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2021 10 20 V 0 9 1 Released

SDK v0.9.1

Updates to fleet and router engines.

This release includes updates to our default solver for the fleet engine and router engine options. It also includes several bug fixes.

New hybrid solver used as default

The default solver for the fleet engine will now run an exact solver (decision diagrams) alongside a hybrid heuristic solver (ALNS with decision diagrams embedded as repair operators). For smaller problems, the decision diagram solver could prove optimality before the time limit is reached, resulting in shorter run times.

Router engine options updated

In the router engine, the following options have changed:

  • The Windows option no longer receives service times for each stop and the list of vehicle shifts. Instead, two separate options (Shifts and Services) now exist for this purpose. Note, when using the Windows option, you must also use the separate Shifts option.
  • The Shifts option now handles vehicles shifts independently. If used as standalone, the router will restrict the route duration to match the shift.
  • The Services option now handles the service time for stops. If used as standalone, it will add to the overall route duration.
  • The default output now includes the route_duration. This duration is modified using the Services option. When using the Windows or Shifts options, the output displays the estimated_arrival and estimated_departure at stops. Time tracking can be tuned by specifying a different time measure with the TravelTimeMeasures option.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes bug in stop_duration handling in fleet
  • Fixes bug in SetVehicle
  • Fixes bug in time windows

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