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Release Archive

SDK v0.10.0

Updates to routingkit measure and new router engine options.

This release includes an update to our routingkit measure and a new option for router engine. Version 0.10.0 includes breaking changes that will need to be addressed prior to upgrading. Learn more in the upgrade guide.

New and customizable vehicle profiles using the routingkit measure

We’ve updated existing profiles to provide increased extensibility and help users effectively optimize routes with our routingkit measure. There are now four standard profiles available in the routingkit measure: car, bike, pedestrian, and truck. The new truck profile is customizable, allowing for changes to width, length, height, weight, and speed.

In addition to these updates, the routingkit measure now supports the creation of completely custom profiles. New profiles require users to define a custom profile name, transportation mode (vehicle, bike, or pedestrian), boolean flags to permit left turns and u-turns, and custom speeds per way type specified (e.g., a custom speed for traveling on highways). Learn more about profiles in the routingkit measure.

New option available for router engine

The Alternates option is now available for use with the router engine. This option lets you specify a set of alternate stops for a vehicle (e.g., suitable break locations). The router will add exactly one stop from the set of alternate stops to a route. Learn more about the alternates option.

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