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2022 03 22 New Router Options

New Router Options

Introducing new router options.

This release includes new router options for vehicle sorting, initialization costs, and service groups and more flexible filtering.

New sorter option

Use the sorter option to set up a custom order for the vehicles in your fleet. For example, if you're running tours between landmarks, you can sort the vehicles by giving each landmark a score by which to order the routes. Learn more.

New initialization costs feature

Use the initialization costs feature to configure per-vehicle costs that will be added to the value function when you want to add a vehicle that isn't permanently in your fleet, like a rental car. Learn more.

New service groups option

Use the service groups option to account for the extra time needed to enter a building or fenced area. This allows you to create a more realistic VRP model. Learn more.

More flexible filtering

Use the FilterWithRoute feature to check for general compatibility and access the current solution's route. This feature allows for more flexibility in your filtering. For example, you can use FilterWithRoute to filter out vehicles that may not be assigned additional stops based on stops already in the vehicle's route. Learn more.

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