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2022 05 04 V 0 14 0 Released

SDK v0.14.0

Introducing warm starts.

This release includes a new warm starts feature and contains a bugfix for the DefaultTimeTracker. Learn more in the upgrade guide.


Warm starts

Hop SDK now has the ability to expand multiple states in the first layer of its root diagram. Those states may be feasible states (warm starts). This allows you even more flexibility in solution finding, including the ability to prepare a backup solution in case of timeout, giving hints to the solver in the form of an intiial incumbent solution, or starting a new plan from the previous one. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • The DefaultTimeTracker now calculates the correct end ETA, ETS and ETD for empty vehicles.

Breaking changes

  • The DefaultTimeTracker now takes two additional parameters, the indices of the vehicle's start/end location, to calculate the end ETA, ETS and ETD for empty vehicles.

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