Teams and collaboration

A tutorial for creating teams and collaborating with Nextmv Platform.

This tutorial will walk you through handling multiple users and teams on Nextmv Console.

Collaborate on decision apps by inviting users to join your team (or joining theirs) and sharing details like versions, run history and more. Once two users are on the same team, any URL they share with each other will be accessible to both users.

A menu in the header at the top of the page indicates which team you’re currently viewing. If you haven’t joined any other teams, you’ll see an autogenerated team name for your account.

Navigate to the Team page to manage your team and view the other members of your team.

API keys

If you don’t have a Nextmv Cloud account, go to to sign up for free.

After you’ve logged into your Nextmv Cloud account, navigate to the Team page from the left-hand navigation panel and click on API keys.

Nextmv API Keys

One API key is generated for your team account when you first sign up. You can add up to 3 three API keys for your team account. API keys can be deactivated, reactivated, and deleted at any time. Please keep all API keys secret and use them only from your backend.

Team API Keys

When you join a team, a unique API key will be created for your use from within that team. Like your main team account, you can create up to 3 API keys for that team. These API keys are only accessible by you and give you access to all of that team’s functionality.

Manage your team

You are the owner of the default team created for you. Only team owners can invite or remove users from a team. To change the name of your team, from the Team page, navigate to Settings and then click Edit in the top right-hand corner. The team name is for your reference and is included in the invitation that appears in invited users’ invite list.

To invite users to your team, from the Team page for your team, navigate to the Members page and then click the Invite new member button in the upper right. When inviting users to your team, make sure you use the email associated with their Nextmv Cloud account. When invited users login to Nextmv Cloud, they will see the invitation and can accept or decline.

Team members will have access to the full account features of the team, including paid features, if applicable, while they are working within the team space (as indicated by the team name in the header bar). This provides a secure way to share paid account access across a team.

Join and view other teams

Invitations to join other user’s teams will appear in the header menu when you sign in to your account on Nextmv Cloud. After selecting the relevant team, you will be prompted to accept or reject the invitation via the team page.

Once you have a joined a team, the owner and all members can be viewed via the team page.

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