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Nextmv CLI & SDK

Powerful developer tools to help you build and manage decision apps.

Nextmv CLI and Nextmv SDK, made to work together, are free developer tools created for engineers to build and manage powerful decision apps. Also include with these tools are a set of apps that can be used to jump start solution for particular problem domains like routing or scheduling (or used directly out of the box with no modifications).

These suite of developer tools can be used to build and run decision models on your local machine and then deploy them to remote environments for testing and service integrations.

Nextmv CLI

Stylized computer terminal window showing Nextmv CLI core command list

The Nextmv command line interface (CLI) provides a guided workflow for decision optimization. Nextmv CLI is convenient for local development, testing, and publishing to remote environments. It allows you to focus your efforts on the art of modeling rather than finding and assembling all the infrastructure you need to get up and running.

For more detail on CLI, check out the Nextmv CLI reference. See also the local environment setup reference.


To install Nextmv CLI, follow the instructions in the Quickstart guide or in Nextmv Console.

Nextmv SDK

Screenshot of the main README for the Nextmv SDK GitHub public repository

The Nextmv software development kit (SDK) provides a set of APIs to build decision models and integrate with other solvers. Nextmv SDK also provides higher level APIs for specific problem domains, like routing. Nextmv SDK is written in Go.

For more detail on Nextmv SDK, check out the Nextmv SDK reference or visit the Go docs.


To download Nextmv SDK, follow the instructions in the Quickstart guide or in Nextmv Console.


Using Nextmv CLI, you can initiate a new project using one of our pre-made apps. These apps are built with Nextmv SDK and solve domain-specific optimization problems like routing or scheduling. They can be used as a foundation and extended for building a custom decision model or used on their own out of the box.

For more information on the available apps, see the apps reference.

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