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Nextmv’s software-as-a-service platform handles the operational load of implementing, managing, and hosting decision optimization for customers, building upon a unique modeling approach that is more approachable for developers and decision scientists alike. Your valuable development resources focus on problem solving, and Nextmv handles operating decision optimization at scale for you.

For many customers, Nextmv Cloud fills their needs - a scalable, reliable, and secure environment to run their decision optimization. This option provides customers with the quickest startup time and lowest operational overhead. In some cases though, such as regulatory constraints or enterprise policies, Nextmv Cloud is not an option for a customer. For these customers they need to run the service within a cloud account that they own. Nextmv private cloud offering addresses these concerns.

The Nextmv private cloud offering takes the core of Nextmv Cloud - the scalable execution environment used by Nextmv Cloud to your own AWS account, in the region that best suits your business, under your control. This offering runs the same code, configured in the same way as the Nextmv hosted cloud. The private cloud decision optimization runner service does not need to be exposed to the public internet. The service is deployed in a high availability, scalable configuration using auto-scale groups, container clusters, and cloud data services. Over time Nextmv will extend the Private Cloud to include all of the features of the Nextmv SaaS offering.


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