Nextmv Platform public release

Nextmv platform v0.21.0 released

This release makes decision apps on Nextmv cloud generally available. Users can sign up for a free trial here to publish and run custom decision applications in production. Additionally, this release includes general updates and bugfixes to the Nextmv CLI.

Nextmv CLI v0.21.0-83d62ed

  • Existing templates were upgraded to SDK v0.21.0.
  • A new tutorial, including new templates, on how to use a custom distance or duration matrix in the nextmv app environment.
  • nextmv go command was added providing easy access to the bundled Go SDK.
  • nextmv activate command was added to provide an easy way for self-serve re-activation.
  • nextmv sdk & nextmv app commands have been restructured for a more intuitive user experience.

Nextmv CLI v0.21.0-83d62ed upgrade guide

This upgrade guide assumes you’ve previously installed and configured the Nextmv CLI.

Open up a terminal and run the following command:

nextmv update

Alternatively, you can specify the version.

nextmv update v0.21.0-83d62ed

Nextmv SDK v0.21.0

  • Small changes to template READMEs in sdk due to CLI general updates.

Nextmv SDK v0.21.0 upgrade guide

To update and tidy your Go project and reference SDK v0.21.0, stand at the location of the go.mod and run:

go get
go mod tidy

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