Nextmv Console updates

Latest updates to Nextmv console

This release adds a new view in the Nextmv console to show the run history and run details for decision apps on Nextmv Cloud as well as a new Teams feature that allows users to invite others to their team in order to collaborate easily.

Run History

A run history table is now available for each published app. The run history displays the past 50 remote runs (that is, runs using either the REST API or the app run command through the CLI). Local runs are not recorded.

If the app follows the output format of the cloud-routing or routing templates, a routing-based visual is displayed. For all other apps, only the value and summary of the metadata is displayed.

To view the new run history, log in and navigate to the apps section in console. When you click on your app a new 'run history' section will now be visible.


Collaborate on custom decision apps in the Nextmv console by inviting users to join your team (or joining theirs) and sharing details like run history and more.

For additional information on what you can do with run history, check out our blog.

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