Release notes
Release notes for working with the Nextmv decision stack.

2022-01-13 Onfleet API integration (alpha)

This is an alpha release for the Nextmv Cloud API that introduces an Onfleet API integration enabling Nextmv route optimization with Onfleet. Read more

2021-12-17 Backlogs and alternate stops

This release includes new options for backlogs and alternate stops on Nextmv Cloud. Read more

2021-12-17 Version 0.12.1 released

This minor release fixes a bug in ALNS when using vehicle backlogs or alternate stops. Read more

2021-12-17 New getting started experience

This release introduces a new landing page on Nextmv Cloud with use case templates. Read more

2021-12-08 New multi-precedence constraint

This release introduces new constraint for multi-precedence on Nextmv Cloud. Read more

2021-12-08 New and updated measures

This release introduces new measures for Google Maps and HERE Maps. Read more

2021-11-29 Grouping stops and specifying vehicle stop duration

This release introduces new options for grouping stops and customizing vehicle stop durations on Nextmv Cloud. Read more

2021-11-18 Street routing on Nextmv Cloud (alpha)

This is an alpha release that introduces real-road routing on Nextmv Cloud using Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM). Read more

2021-11-09 Version 0.11.0 released

This release includes new options for router engine. Version 0.11.0 includes breaking changes that will need to be addressed prior to upgrading. Read more

2021-10-27 Version 0.10.0 released

This release includes an update to our routingkit measure and a new option for router engine. Version 0.10.0 includes breaking changes that will need to be addressed prior to upgrading. Read more

2021-10-21 Maximum duration and map enhancements

This release introduces a new route limit constraint and several map enhancements on Nextmv Cloud. Read more

2021-10-20 Version 0.9.1 released

This release includes updates to our default solver for the fleet engine and router engine options. It also includes several bug fixes. Read more

2021-10-14 More granular control over vehicle usage and stop order

This release introduces new constraints that allow customers to represent their routing scenarios more effectively. Read more

2021-09-30 Updated charts and map views

This release introduces improved charts and map views in the console, providing customers with more ways to evaluate the returned solutions to help configure their Dispatch app. It also includes other small fixes and updates. Read more

2021-09-21 Self-serve scaling

This release introduces self-serve payments to Nextmv Cloud, allowing customers to scale at their own pace directly through the console. Read more

2021-09-16 Version 0.9.0 released

This release introduces the new router engine and updates to the Dispatch app. Read more

2021-08-19 Hybrid optimization for finding more improving solutions faster

This release introduces hybrid optimization on Nextmv Cloud that combines the solving power of decision diagrams with heuristics. Read more

2021-08-19 Version 0.8.1 released

This release introduces a new, serverless measure for generating road distances and travel times for Nextmv SDK customers. It also includes improvements to Hop and the fleet and vehicle engines. Read more

2021-07-21 New charts and updated console UI

This release introduces multiple solutions for runs along with an easy way for customers to evaluate the returned solutions to help configure their Dispatch app. It also includes a UI overhaul for the Nextmv Cloud Console. Read more

2021-06-15 Introducing ALNS to the Nextmv solving neighborhood

We've introduced heuristic solving with Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search (ALNS) to Hop. This brings substantial performance improvements to Hop, especially for customers with large fleets of vehicles and complex routing problems. Read more

2021-06-15 Version 0.8.0 released

Nextmv version 0.8.0 is here! This release features significant performance improvements for solving complex routing problems with the addition of ALNS and brings Dash (simulation) into the code repo in GitHub. Version 0.8.0 introduces breaking changes that will need to be addressed prior to upgrading. Read more

2021-05-26 Exploring time windows and penalties for routing on Nextmv Cloud

Our Dispatch app on Nextmv Cloud supports a growing list of common constraints for representing the reality of your route planning and optimization problems. This blog post provides an introduction to target times, hard time windows, timeliness penalties, and unassigned penalties on Nextmv Cloud. Read more

2021-04-21 Version 0.7.1 released

Great news! Hop v0.7.1 has shipped! This release and all the features are available to you with your next go get. A few highlights include new methods and functions in Hop fleet and vehicle model, support for new turnkey constraints for vehicle-location compatibility and max route length, an introduction to Nextmv apps to provide a faster way to get started with Nextmv. Read more

2021-03-25 An introduction to fleet routing on Nextmv Cloud

Nextmv Cloud is the fastest way to get started with Nextmv decision stack. This post explores a few common routing problem constraints, such as capacity and speed. Read more

2021-03-09 Version 0.7.0 released

Nextmv version 0.7.0 introduces a few important changes that improve time to first feasible solution, help with memory use management, and align product releases. This release introduces breaking changes. All Nextmv customers migrating to Hop v0.7.0 will need to make a few changes to their models to ensure smooth operations. Read more
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