2022-06-26 v0.16.0 released
Introducing v0.16.0.
In this release we made changes to the Assigner and the Expander interface as well as the VehicleSorter signature. Furthermore, the Google client can now retrieve polylines and the OSRM client received a method to set MaxTableSize. With this release you can expect smaller bug fixes and some performance improvements as we also made algorithmic changes to our fleet engine, which powers both Router and Cloud users.


Assigner.Assign() and VehicleSorter signatures changed

Both signatures received an additional rand.Rand parameter that can be used to add randomization to their respective implementations.

Expander.Expand() signature changed

The Expander.Expand() method now returns an additional bool value which indicates whether the expander can be queried for additional states.

Google Polylines

The Google client can now retrieve polylines for a set of stops by calling google.Polylines(client, points). The function returns a polyline from first to last point as well as a slice of polylines, one for each leg of the given points. All polylines are encoded in Google's polyline format.
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