2022-06-29 cloud UI updates
Introducing updates to the Nextmv Cloud map UI and output JSON.
This update to Nextmv Cloud includes enhancements to the map UI and the addition of a polyline field to the output JSON.


New map features

This Nextmv Cloud release adds several new features the map UI, including: directional arrows, stop annotations, and enhanced tooltips.

New polyline output field

A new polyline field has been added to the output JSON to vehicles. The field contains a polyline from start to end encoded in Google's polyline format and corresponding to the measure used (Haversine by default and OSRM for real-road measures). Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a bug where stops were being dropped without showing that they were unassigned. Note, this bug fix led to substantial performance improvements.
  • Fixed a bug to ensure that all route points are visible within zoom bounds in the map UI.
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