Nextroute performance improvements

October 26, 2023

The release of Nextmv Platform v0.32.3 includes significant nextroute performance improvements and bug fixes.

Specifically, we made some major improvements to how we handle interfaces on our backend. This led to a 198% bump in iteration count (this means the solver is doing 198% more work), a 6.1% improvement in value, and an 8.8% decrease in time to best solution on our benchmark set (crafted from real user data). These improvements are all based on the geometric mean across 13 representative input files.

What does this mean? We are generally spending more time solving and less time communicating / allocating in Go. This results in better solutions faster on our benchmark set.

Iterations from past 5 releases Objective value from past 5 releases Solution duration from past 5 releases


Nextmv CLI v0.32.3 upgrade guide

This upgrade guide assumes you’ve previously installed and configured the Nextmv CLI.

Open up your terminal and run the following command:

nextmv update

Alternatively, you can specify the version.

nextmv update v0.32.3

Nextmv SDK v0.32.3 upgrade guide

To update and tidy your Go project and reference SDK v0.32.3, stand at the location of the go.mod and run:

go get
go mod tidy

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