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Subscription apps

A tutorial for deploying subscription apps in Nextmv Cloud.

Nextmv has a Marketplace for pre-built decision apps that solve problems in specific domains like vehicle routing or shift scheduling. Anyone on Nextmv can subscribe to these applications and get instant access to all the features of that app. Subscription apps can be used as starting points for custom apps by initializing the app the subscription app is based on. These apps are published and maintained by Nextmv.

Here are some examples of subscription apps:

  • Nextmv Routing. Solves vehicle routing problems.

    Routing app

  • Nextmv Shift Scheduling. Solves shift scheduling problems.

    Shift scheduling app

When you subscribe to a Marketplace app, it is automatically deployed and available for use.

Subscription apps are based on community apps. If you need to customize your subscription app, you can start from the corresponding community app.


Deploy an app by subscribing to it in the Marketplace. In this example we are subscribing to the Nextmv Routing app.

To subscribe to an app, define the desired app ID and name. After, you can use one of the following interfaces:

  • Console. Go to Console, Marketplace section. Click on the app you want to subscribe to. Click on the Add to my apps button and fill in the fields.


  • Nextmv CLI. Anywhere on your machine, run the following command to enable the desired subscription on your account:

nextmv marketplace subscription create \
  --subscription-id "<YOUR-SUBSCRIPTION_ID>"

The --subscription-id is formed by joining partner_id-id for a Marketplace app. Note that this command should only be run once for each subscription.

Different Marketplace apps have different subscription IDs. You can find a list of available Marketplace apps by running the following command:

nextmv marketplace app list

For example, to subscribe to the nextroute marketplace app, you specify the flag as --subscription-id nextmv-nextroute.

Once the subscription is enabled on your account, you can create an app that is subscribed to the marketplace.

nextmv app create \
    --app-id $APP_ID \
    --name $APP_ID \
    --subscription-id "nextmv-nextroute" \
    --description "An optional description"

๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ The app is ready to be used.

Delete a subscription app

Delete a subscription app using the following interfaces:

  • Nextmv CLI. Anywhere on your machine, run the following command:
nextmv app delete \
    --app-id $APP_ID \
  • Cloud API. Export your NEXTMV_API_KEY as an environment variable. The API uses Bearer Authentication.


    Delete application.

    Delete application, specified by application ID.

curl -L -X DELETE \
    "$APP_ID" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer $NEXTMV_API_KEY"

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