Cloud rate limits

Technical reference for customer limits on the use of Nextmv Cloud API.

Note that these limits are subject to change.

Nextmv sets reasonable limits on the use of its Cloud-based software. These limits are outlined below. If you have any questions please contact Nextmv support.

Max system limits

The rules below limit the overall runs to 3000 per day, while allowing a max of 20 runs in a row to be started, after which it drops back down to 1 run started every 15 seconds.

  • 180 requests per minute with a burst of 30 for all /v1/application API endpoints.
  • 250 runs per hour with an allowed burst of 20.
  • 3000 runs per day.
  • 15 minute maximum run time per run.

Please note that the app run is terminated after a hard time limit of 15 minutes. It's a good practice to end your run a little earlier to give the app enough time to communicate back any solutions found so far or errors that may have occured.

Result requests

  • 40 requests every 10 seconds with a burst of 4.

File size

  • 500 MB maximum input file size
  • 100 MB maximum output file size

Note: for trial users, input and output file sizes are limited to 5 MB

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