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Application logging

An overview of logging information from your application.

If you want to log information print to stderr. There are two ways that the platform captures these logs:

  • Live logs. The platform captures a "live" stream of logs about every 30 seconds from your run, until the run completes. You can access live logs for up to 24 hours after the run started.
  • Final logs. These logs contain the last 50 kb of logs your application wrote. They are available as long as the run is retained.

You can access logs using the following interfaces:

Nextmv CLI

Live logs

Tails a run. Logs are written out until the run reaches a final state (succeeded or failed).

The logs can be tailed as an option when starting a run by using the tail command. When you use the --verbose flag, additional status information like the run status be logged out.

nextmv app tail \
    --app-id $APP_ID \
    --run-id $RUN_ID \

Final logs

You can get the logs of a run after it is finished. The logs contain everything that was printed to stderr during the run.

nextmv app logs \
    --app-id $APP_ID \
    --run-id $RUN_ID


After starting a run, you can go to the Logs tab to view both live and final logs.

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