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2021 08 19 V 0 8 1 Released

SDK v0.8.1

Introducing a serverless measure for road distances and travel times.

This release introduces a new, serverless measure for generating road distances and travel times for Nextmv SDK customers. It also includes improvements to Nextmv solvers and the fleet and vehicle engines (see "Improvements and fixes" below).

New routingkit measure package

A new measure package that takes real-world road networks into account, routingkit, is now available. The package includes measures for finding the shortest path between two points in terms of distance (routingkit.ByPoint) or travel time (routingkit.DurationByPoint) and measures that pre-compute all distance or travel time costs between pairs of points ahead of time (routingkit.Matrix and routingkit.DurationMatrix).

Customers who find haversine or euclidean distances too limited in accuracy (e.g., due to routes crossing geographic features such as bodies of water) or who do not wish to host their own mapping service to obtain distances and travel times may benefit from the new measure. For more information, see the routingkit measure package documentation.

Improvements and fixes

  • Moved Dash public API tests to test/dash so Dash can be tested in the same way as Hop
  • Fixed goroutine deadlock bug in Hop
  • Added minor performance improvements and a new setminus operation to Hop
  • Added unique symmetry hash generator for vehicle constraints (vehicle.DefaultHash())
  • Added multiple sub-windows to the default hash for window constraints (windowContraintHash)

See the upgrade guide to upgrade to v0.8.1. For more information on what's included in v0.8.1, refer to the go package docs.

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