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Reference for release notest of the Nextmv Platform components.

Different components of the Nextmv Platform are released regularly and independently. Our versioning strategy is as follows:

We try our best to version our software thoughtfully and only break APIs and behaviors when we have a good reason to.

  • Minor (v1.^.0) tags: new features, might be breaking.
  • Patch (v1.0.^) tags: bug fixes.

It is inspired by Semantic Versioning, but we do not strictly adhere to it.

  • Releases for GitHub repositories can be found in each repository's releases page. The What’s Changed section in the release provides the release notes.

  • The Nextmv CLI is released as a binary and can be updated using the nextmv update command. The CLI release notes are available in the CLI itself. To vew the release notes of the Nextmv CLI, you can use the nextmv release-notes command (available from version >=v1.12.0).

    • View the release notes for the version of the CLI that you are on (default behavior).

      nextmv release-notes --pretty
    • View all release notes up to the version of the CLI that you have installed.

      nextmv release-notes --all

      Given that viewing all release notes will overflow your terminal, you might want to use a pager. Following this, the default format of the nextmv release-notes command is not pretty-fied, but is rather a plain ASCII style, so you can pipe it to a pager.

      nextmv release-notes --all | less
    • View release notes for a specific version of the CLI.

      nextmv release-notes --version v1.12.0 --pretty

Visit the release archive for a list of previous releases.

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