2021-10-14 More granular control
More granular control over vehicle usage and stop order
This release introduces new constraints that allow customers to represent their routing scenarios more effectively.

New and updated constraints

We added four new constraints.
  • The max_distance constraint defines the maximum distance a vehicle can travel for a given route. Learn more
  • The max_wait constraint defines the maximum amount of time a vehicle can wait at a stop before servicing it. This also adds the new field ets (estimated time of service). Learn more
  • The max_stops constraint defines the maximum number of stops that can be assigned to a vehicle. Learn more
  • The succeeds constraint is used when a stop should be visited after another stop (mirroring the functionality of precedes). Learn more
In addition, we updated the capacity constraint to allow for the definition of multiple capacities using an array, which is also reflected in the quantity field for stops. Learn more
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